Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What a day!!

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful life events there is. Well, it is when the removal firm cancels with less than 24 hours before they're due to arrive!!

I e-mailed our guy last night to confirm all the arrangements, and he replied at 7.30am today and all was good. Then, just as we'd packed the children off to Grandma's for their last sleepover, done some packing and sat down to lunch with Hubby, I recieved another e-mail asking me to ring him asap.

"Are you sitting down", he asked. "Erm, I am now, why??" Apparently his trailer has "snapped in half" in Portsmouth and he was on his way in the AA van! How on earth a trailer snaps in half I don't know!! Now, we're in West Yorkshire, we're going to Aberdeenshire, and he's based in Stockport, so it's not going to happen, is it!?

Well, it's good job he rang me and not Hubby. There was a vein throbbing in his temple, he wasn't a happy bunny! Queue two hours of frantically ringing round and e-mailing various removal companies, and queue lots of being laughed at! "Yes, hi, I'm wondering if you can help. We need to move 385 miles tomorrow please". This is where the wonder that is Facebook came into it's own!

I posted a status asking if anyone knew a man with a van. An old junior-school friend messaged me - she knew a man with a van!! Really nice guy too ... much ringing back and forth with various suggestions but the long and short of it is, we're not moving tomorrow, but we are moving on Thursday!!! At 6am, eek!!!! .....

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