Monday, 5 March 2012

I’m sad :o( But I suppose I’m excited at the same time. We’ve embarked on the first official stage of our Scottish adventure … hubby’s moved to Scotland and started his new job! He left at 4am yesterday morning. I knew he was planning on leaving early, but 4am?! He woke early and couldn’t get back to sleep, bless him. Must have been one of those “big day ahead” feelings. I was ok when I woke up – I’d seen him leave, and we’d had a nice evening together with no working, a big bag of Maltesers and some of our fave telly so we’d sort of said goodbye (we don’t do big emotional scenes!). I was ok when the kids asked where Daddy is – he’s at work in Scotland, the first bit of our exciting adventure. I was ok through getting dressed and through breakfast. Then I saw the note he left for us. Then I was not ok. I had a bit of a cry. Oli was so adorable … he gave me a big squashy cuddle and said that he misses Daddy too. All day he was saing “let’s pretend Daddy’s here”, and was very put out that we didn’t have a Darth Vader for our Star Wars playing. We’ll be ok on our own for a bit, although we’re not sure when we’ll see each other again at the moment. We have a friend’s wedding on 17th March, and it may well not be until he comes home for that. Mum and Dad invited us for dinner, and I think if I keep us all busy the time will fly. Before we know it the house will be sold, a new house will be bought and we’ll be packing up and driving off into the sunset. We tried a bit of a sneaky experiment – we asked the Scottish estate agent if the bank which owns the farmhouse would do a part-ex. They won’t. Boo! Can but try I suppose, we’ll get there somehow. In the meantime, I have fudge …


  1. It is a difficult time, but it'll be all worth it in the end... The exciting journey has begun.

  2. I'm sure Big O is feeling just the same - but don't worry, you've got us lot to keep you smiling and laughing, AND you've got the Happy Thoughts too!! Won't be too long honey, and no matter where you are in July, we're planning on seeing you if we can! xxxx